Other Floor Scales


WORKHORSE - Heavy Duty Floor Scales

Scale Construction: MS, SS, galvanized,.  
Sizes 3x3 to 10 x 12 Capacities 250kg to 10,000 kg


ANY platform dimension: 4' x 4' to 12' x 12'
Above ground or pit installation
9" to 14" scale height (based on capacity)
6" WF-beam used in platform substructure
3/8" smooth or tread plate decking - standard
Deck plate bolted or welded to platform substructure
Plated tool steel load cells - standard
Stainless steel ball encapsulated load feet
Internal or externally mounted load cell junction box
Two-component polyamide epoxy paint
B-TEK LCMT mount assembly bolted toWF-Beam substructure

Sizes and Capacities

20,000 x 5 lb.
30,000 x 10 lb.
40,000 x 10 lb.


Digital indicators
Bolted deck for pit applications
Access ramps
Floor mounted indicator column - 48" height
Stainless steel load cell upgrade
Hermetically sealed, stainless steel, load cell upgrade
V-DECK for coil weighing
Ramps for small vehicle weighing
Pit frame for below grade installation
Fork lift pockets
Increased deck thickness
Custom platform height
Custom deck mounted structures




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