Truck Scales


The Alectronic Steelking truck scale incorporates the latest improvements in weighing
technology and structural features to provide reliable operation, low maintenance
and future expand ability.

Available as Legal For Trade in various sizes from 10 to 12 feet wide and 20 to
100 feet long. Concrete or Steel Deck.

Options: Pit Style Above Ground Tire Guides


Traffic Lights Scoreboards – Numeric as well as Alpha
Ticket printers Truck
In & Out Programs Computer Interface
Collection Data Programming
Unmanned Systems
Surge Voltage Protection
Intercom systems

Weighbridge Services

The interior weighbridge surfaces shall be sandblasted and protected with rust inhibiting epoxy primer and finished with enamel paint.
The exterior surfaces of the weighbridge shall be sandblasted and protected with a rust inhibiting epoxy primer and finished with enamel paint.


Unmanned Systems


System Requirements:

  • Loops or electronic eyes at both ends of weighbridge
  • Driver interface, direct access to weigh indicator, swipe card or panel interface
  • Printer connected to computer system or weigh meter
  • Traffic lights for truck control
  • Scoreboard for weight verification

Printer Description

Ticket, Roll, Bar Code, Thermal


Truck Scales for Accurate Vehicle Weighing

As a leading manufacturer of truck scales and weighing systems, Alectronic provides heavy duty truck scales for a range of weighing applications. Our high quality truck scales are designed for maximum durability, accuracy and efficiency when weighing trucks, vehicles or other heavy loads.

Alectronic’s truck scales are available in a variety of sizes and weight capacities to suit your specific needs. Our truck scales can be above-ground, portable, or pit-style scales installed at the ground level. We also offer custom options like ramps, guardrails, and digital weight indicators.

Benefits of Alectronic Truck Scales:

  • Constructed from premium steel for durability
  • Multiple scale sizes from 8×10 ft. to 8×75 ft.
  • Weight capacities ranging from 20 tons to 140 tons
  • Customizable platforms, ramps, guardrails and more
  • Available for above-ground, pit, or portable applications
  • Accurate within ±0.1% of applied load
  • Fast weighing times improve efficiency
  • Low maintenance for long-term performance
  • Meets NTEP standards for legal-for-trade

Alectronic truck scales are designed, manufactured and rigorously tested in the USA before shipping. We back our truck scales with the best warranty in the industry, from 5 to 15 years depending on the model.

For high performance truck scales built to last, choose Alectronic. Contact us today to discuss your vehicle weighing needs and get a quote for a customized truck scale system.

The Importance of  Truck Scales for Weighing Heavy Vehicles

Truck scales are essential tools for any business that needs to weigh large vehicles like trucks, trailers, and other heavy-duty equipment. Installing a high-quality truck scale on your property enables accurate measurement of gross vehicle weights for load verification, weight compliance, inventory management, and more.

Alectronic is a renowned manufacturer of truck scales and weighing systems for all types of applications. Our heavy-duty truck scales are engineered for maximum durability, precision, and efficiency when weighing trucks and heavy loads.

Types of Truck Scales

Alectronic offers multiple truck scale options including:

  • Portable Truck Scales – Compact and movable scales perfect for temporary weighing sites. Easy to transport and set up.

  • On-Board Truck Scales – Integrated scales installed directly on trucks to monitor payloads. Improve load optimization.

  • Weighbridge Truck Scales – Heavy-duty truck scales made with steel platforms for weighing heavy loads.
    Available in multiple sizes.

  • Pallet Scales – Smaller scales placed under pallets or containers to weigh goods for shipping/receiving.

  • Railroad Scales – Large scales made for weighing entire railcars and their freight loads.

Key Benefits of Using Truck Scales

  • Accurately weigh trucks for load verification and weight compliance
  • Avoid overloading trucks to prevent fines and reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve inventory management with precise weighing abilities
  • Increase weighing efficiency and throughput
  • Easy integration into existing business workflows
  • Rugged construction stands up to heavy vehicle traffic
  • Flexible customization options for scales and accessories

Alectronic Truck Scale Features

Our truck scales provide unmatched versatility, durability and accuracy:

  • Capacities from 20 to 200 tons to handle any vehicle
  • Steel or concrete platforms for maximum strength
  • Load cells for precise weight measurements within 0.1%
  • Custom platforms, ramps, guardrails and more
  • Meets NTEP standards for legal-for-trade applications
  • Fast weighing times improve operational efficiency
  • Minimal maintenance for long-term performance
  • Optional printers, scoreboards and software integrations
  • Industry-leading 5-15 year warranty on scale parts

For superior truck scales tailored to your application, choose the experts at Alectronic.
Contact us today for a free quote!

Truck Scales Score Boards

Truck Scale Score Board
  • Units come in Nema 4X fiberglass reinforced polyester or optional Stainless steel
  • Six digit LED .8″ high or LCD 1″ high displays
  • Status annunciators
  • Ac or Dc operation
  • Rs 232 or 20ma current loop interface

Aurora 4.5 Super Bright Remote Display

  • High intensity LED lamps 6 digits 41/2 “ high with 4 annunciator lights (GR, NT, lb, kg) Non glare lens optimized for LED display
  • Communications RS 232 , RS 422/485, 20 Ma current loop or WIRELESS
  • Auto learn Technology
  • Drop Down electronics for easier maintenance
  • Selectable Day and Night brightness levels
  • Photo sensor automatically adjusts LED
  • Built in programs, axle weighing, traffic light control and mirrored display